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In this post, we are going to explain from our own point of view, some advices or strategies that restaurants should take into account to succeed.

Points to succeed.

LOCATION: where they are going to establish the restaurant. Restaurants that are in main streets or crowded places will have more succes that those ones that maybe are in unknown streets. 
It's not the same a restaurant located in the centre of Barcelona, that another located in a street where nobody cross it.

PRICE- DEMAND: they have to study the people that are in the area, to establish their prices. Depending on the location of the restaurant, the prices will be lower or expensive. 
This step is very important because if your prices are very high, the customers won't enter to your restaurant, and they will prefer to stay at home, or go to a cheapest one. 
And the same happen if the people has a high level, if you open a restaurant in a high neigbourhood or in an important street, you have to adapt your prices. Because if the price is very low, maybe people could think that this restaurant have not quality enough. 

PROMOTION AND GOOD PROFESSIONALS: there are cases of good restaurants that had to close because of the low promotion, or maybe they didn't invest in promotion. For that reason, promote well your restaurant will help your business to be successful. 
You have to have also, good and polite employees. And this is very important because they are the image of the restaurant, and if only one employee is unpolite or rude, the whole restaurant will have a negative image. 

ESPECIAL OFFERS/ DISCOUNTS: To attract the people to your restaurant you have to do some especial offers or discounts. You have to ask yourself : Why clients will choose my restaurant?, and think of new ideas or offers to be different from the other ones. 

ADAPT TO THE CURRENT SITUATION: With the crisis that we have here in Spain, many restaurants had to adapt their prices to the current situation maybe reducing the prices and their costs to survive. This is also important because if your prices are very high and you don't have enough customers you won't take enough money to pay your bills and your employees and this mean, that you will have problems and maybe you have to close the  restaurant because of the lack of clients and money.  

ATTRACTIVE MENU: Although you decide to create your restaurant with a daily menu, this menu has to be attractive because people feel attracted with what they see. If the dishes that you offer are written very simply this don't attract but if you put the same dish in other words or more elaborated this change and the people wants to know what is it. 

This are some strategies that before looking for some information we decided that are quite important when you decided to open a new restaurant, and also for those people that already have their own restaurant and want to be more successful. 
Do you think that nowadays restaurants are following these different steps ?

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  1. In the area where I live, is there a site that tries to adapt to the times of crisis, offering cheaper dishes, but leaving aside the imagination. I like dining out, and trying new things that do not cook at home, and this is becoming increasingly difficult, if seeking originality and price.
    Very good directions to open a new facility, but would add that once started the business, it is important to take care, and vary their menu proposals in his letter, as this is a handicap to forget many restaurants, but open carry continue cooking 20 years as same, and when you do not need to present you the letter, you know in detail ...

  2. Hi girls!

    I think that this post is very interesting for the people who wants to start a business, in this cas open a new restaurant; because you explain very well which are the more important steps to be succesfull.

    I think that be different with the menu is one of the more important things when the restaurant is established, because as you said the people eat what they read; because they imagine the dish while they are reading the different options, for that I think that the gastronomy started for the eyes and finish with the taste.

  3. Joan and Marte! We totally agree with you! We think that if a menu is well organized, is different from the others and the dishes are attractive, people will feel more comfortable to enter and to try them.

    Thanks for the comments, Marta and Joan.

  4. Hi girls!!
    We like a lot how you have analyse the different steps to be succesful talking about gastronomy!!

    This is an interesting blog and I am sure I will visit again!!