viernes, 25 de enero de 2013


As you can know, Nostrum is the name of a company which sell good-price meals, called Home Meal Replacement.

Nowadays there are 44 restaurants-shops in Barcelona and nearby.  The shops are good located, in different areas but they have one thing in common that is that they are in crowded streets. The shop has two parts: one is where the clients buy the products that are show in the display case; the other part is the degustation area, where the client can eat which he has bought.

The philosophy of these establishments is that they sell quality, price, time and variety. Talking about variety, they have different dishes which the client can choose such as salads, rice, pasta, soaps, vegetables, omelettes, meats, fish, cannelloni and different types of croquettes.

There is a newness that is the option to have the client target which allows you to buy this dishes with a lower-price, like 1€, 2€ and 3€. It’s a strategy that has attracted attention to a lot of people, because you can it for four or five euros and that in this crisis time it’s very attractive. Some clients that are interviewed by TV3 news said that is a pleasant and good place, which the manner is also nice and it’s fast. 

Quirze Salomó, the General Director of Nostrum said that what they has only do is to know how adapt to this new situation, because the people, nowadays buy time and not quality, but if you buy time and also quality, like going to buy in Nostrum, you’ll be more satisfied.

This strategy has done that appear more interest groups than before. There are more competitors that sell home meal replacement, like in the supermarkets, some restaurants has the menu to take away, caterings. They are always fighting by the price and the quality is forgotten.

Do you think that having the strategy of low - price and quality meals is better than other ones? Have you ever buy in this type of shops? What do you think about this newness?

viernes, 18 de enero de 2013


As you know McDonalds launch many promotions for increase the sales and the clients. Since some years, this company decided to put some of their products at 1 Euro, just to deal with the economic problems. If you like McDonalds  but you think that eating a simple hamburger with some potatoes are too expensive, now you can eat the same porducts but more cheaper. 
For example, if a menu costs around 6-7 €, buying 1 € products, you will spend less money and eat the same. 
McDonalds is famous for the number of promotions that they launch during the year.
As we are going to analyze the different strategies that some restaurants use, we have to say that this is a company that studies very carefully the market and the environment where they are going to establish a new McDonalds, and also analyze what type of strategies are going to be the best. 
They focus their products specially for young people because the prices are low. 
They have to study all the variables that are going to affect the company, and see how they can do to increase sales and maintain the loyalty of the clients.

We think that the strategies that McDonalds is using are very good to achieve their objectives, not only in Spain, but all over the world. 
In Spain, all the promotions that they have launched have been very satisfactory, and one of the most famous is 1x1 ( One product for only 1 €)

Some of the objectives that they are achieving are:
1- Prepare quick food at a cheap price
2- Maintain their clients
3- Increae the sales
4- Deal with the competitors

Related to the competitors, one of the main competitors of McDonalds is Burger King, another fast food company that also offers hambuergers and almost the same products.
A few months ago, at Tv we can see that Burger King decided to offer also a promotion offering some of their products at 1€ as McDonlads did. 
In our opinion we think that launching this promotion is a good strategy to increase their sales and make the company more profitable in this crisis time. 

Analyzing both companies, we saw that Burger King offers a great variety of products, and more varied. McDonlads offers more simple products and don't have a vaiety. 

During the last years we saw how companies are doing to try to increase the sales and the economy of the company. A way of doing this, is analizing the market and the consumers and try to feer, in this case the promotion using the correct strategies into the clients.
As you know, companies have to think in the clients, and try to satisfy their needs, so, althought this both companies are competitors, we think that they are working well separate and they will keep increasing sales and achieving their objectives. 

What do you think about this kind of strategies or promotions that some companies are adopting? 

lunes, 14 de enero de 2013




From February 2nd 2012 to February 3rd 2013 there is an exhibition in Palau Robert (Barcelona) about Ferran Adrià and his Restaurant, “ elBulli”.
Ferran Adrià is an important Catalan chef and is one of the most influential cook nowadays. “elBulli” was consider one of the most famous restaurants over the world during 5 years consecutive.
This exhibition wants to show the capacity that Ferran Adrià has to create and how to innovate and use new techniques in the kitchen.
In the exhibition you can know more about this chef and his restaurant, for instance its creation, the best moments of the restaurant, the changes that all the team has been doing to improve the quality and arrive to the main objective.
In the other hand, is a way to discover how important is Ferran Adrià and his team in all over the world and you have the opportunity to verify this because there are different international newspapers, books and magazines talking about their.
There are also 8 rooms full of photos, documents, dinnerware and different kind of tools that you can use in the kitchen.
Talking about food, there are a huge variety of dishes (1846) that have changed during the history of the gastronomy, just to adapt the ways of prepare this dishes to the new style.
Something interesting is that in the exhibition there is a scale model made of Plasticine representing some of these 1846 dishes.

This exhibition will take place also this year in New York and  afterwards in London.

" Ferran Adrià i elBulli. Risc, creativitat i llibertat"
You can visit the exposition the 365 days of the year. 
Monday - Saturday: 10h -19h
Sunday and holiday: 10h -14:30h
Free exhibition. 

Apart of the exhibition, Palau Robert will offer different acitivties related to this topic for highschool, university and hotel industry school students.

From our point of view, we think that this could be a good expereince, because they are offering us the possibility of knowing more about this chef and the history of elBulli.
Also the way of working, that it is very important to achieve the great position that nowadays have Ferran Adriá all over the world.


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