viernes, 25 de enero de 2013


As you can know, Nostrum is the name of a company which sell good-price meals, called Home Meal Replacement.

Nowadays there are 44 restaurants-shops in Barcelona and nearby.  The shops are good located, in different areas but they have one thing in common that is that they are in crowded streets. The shop has two parts: one is where the clients buy the products that are show in the display case; the other part is the degustation area, where the client can eat which he has bought.

The philosophy of these establishments is that they sell quality, price, time and variety. Talking about variety, they have different dishes which the client can choose such as salads, rice, pasta, soaps, vegetables, omelettes, meats, fish, cannelloni and different types of croquettes.

There is a newness that is the option to have the client target which allows you to buy this dishes with a lower-price, like 1€, 2€ and 3€. It’s a strategy that has attracted attention to a lot of people, because you can it for four or five euros and that in this crisis time it’s very attractive. Some clients that are interviewed by TV3 news said that is a pleasant and good place, which the manner is also nice and it’s fast. 

Quirze Salomó, the General Director of Nostrum said that what they has only do is to know how adapt to this new situation, because the people, nowadays buy time and not quality, but if you buy time and also quality, like going to buy in Nostrum, you’ll be more satisfied.

This strategy has done that appear more interest groups than before. There are more competitors that sell home meal replacement, like in the supermarkets, some restaurants has the menu to take away, caterings. They are always fighting by the price and the quality is forgotten.

Do you think that having the strategy of low - price and quality meals is better than other ones? Have you ever buy in this type of shops? What do you think about this newness?

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  1. This kind of marketing is a good strategy of catching the attention of the costumer. It's also a very good oportunity to make known the product and its quality, as well as promoting the mediterranean diet. I think that in this case it works.
    I've bought several times in this type of shops and I can say that, compared with other similar shops, quality-cost relationship is worthy.

  2. I think this kind of shops is useful for the modern way of life. I suppose that the main part of customers might be young people who don't like or want to cook, and prefer to eat in a good way at a reasonable price. Others could be people who work near the shops and don't want to spend a lot of money.
    I've never bought in these type of shops, but they're good looking and promote health throw the meals.