martes, 5 de febrero de 2013


Do you know this Restaurant? Was open 4 weeks ago more or less. It is located in La Llagosta (Barcelona). 
The founder was a young man that decided to open a restaurant to join with friends and all people that like food.
The restaurant is basically focus on Italian food, like pizzas, pasta... But it also offers a great variety of meals, like the typicall "Bravas" potatoes, Salads, Meat, Fish, and of course desserts.
All the ingredients are fresh, and the founder decided to create a friendly restaurant, thinking in all the details, the decoration, the menu... because although nowadays there are a lot of Italian restaurants, this is different. 
They wanted to create a chic place, the dishes are served with glamour, and with a good and careful presentation. It is all about modern and creative cuisine. 

But it is not only a convencional restaurant where you  go to eat something, as the name said, it is Food, Drink, & Club. The founder says that the main objective of the restaurant is to create three different atmospheres. 
The restaurant, a great variety of beverages, and a place where you can listen to music and be with friends (club). As they say this three factors are some of the pleasures of the life. 

We think that creating three different atmospheres in one single place is a good strategy, because the clients will stay more time in the restaurant maybe to drink something or to listen music, and it is going to increase the benefits. If a couple go to have dinner, and then they want to go to have a drink, in a convencional restaurant they have to go out, and find a club or a disc, but in that case, in Vostra Vite, they can do all the three thing without moving. 

There is not any similar restaurant around the area. For creating and establish a restaurant or any kind of service in a particular place, you have to study the market, and the position of the product. You also have to study the competition, and of course the demand. You have to adapt your products to the clients. 

They think very well in some strategies to maintain the loyalty of their clients, some of them are:
* Tuesdays: all the pizzas at 3 €
* Thursdays: Salsa classes, and mojito night. 

At the webpage and Facebook you will find more information about the prices and how the restaurant looks like. 
We have to say that some of our friend went and said that the food was very good and tasty, the atmosphere is wonderful and the relation price - quality too. They offer modern and tasty dishes in a chic place but with a cheap and affordable price.

Are you thinking about going there?

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  1. Hi! I'm here again!

    About this post, I think that the founder is an enterpresing person, because nowadays to create a new restaurant or any other kind of company is so difficult. I think that the strategy of create three atmospheres is creative because I can have dinner, drink something and listen to music at the same local and I don't have to move to another local; this sometimes is annoying.

    The strategies of the pizzas at 3€ and the mojitos night, these can attract a lot of people to his restaurant.

    If I can I will go to this restaurant!

    I'm in contact with your blog, girls!

  2. It seems to be a great place to spend a nice evening: delicious food, beautiful ambiance and music. I can't wait to discover it!

  3. When we first know about this restuarant we think that it could be a good option to go and try, and we want to go as soon as possible, and share with all of you the experience. We think that is a good strategy to have different atmpspheres in a single place.
    Thanks for the comments :D

  4. Did not know the place until I read your post. Very good!

  5. We also didn't know the place until a friend tell us, and we think that it could be a good place to go with friends and to relax.
    Thanks for the comment!