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HistòriaHave you ever been in the restaurant called "Viena"? It has been created in Vallès Occidental, in 1969. The main objective of its founders was to create an alternative of this sector: quality and worthy.  The main premise was sell a good product in a pleasant and clean place with a fast service.
The slogan from this chain is “To eat well, good and fast”, this slogan identifies the values that characterize the chain since more than 40 years. 

They have a commitment for the quality which is that all of their meat and cold meat are self-produced and also the bread.
His philosophy is the Social Responsibility which is a value and it takes part of his way to do the things and how they are. They want to involve in the social way in all that would be necessary.  Talking about this they had been organized a program called “City and School” in Sabadell since 2003. It consists that the schools can go to visit its facilities. In this visits they can see their fabrication process of meats and cold meat and they explain to them some ideas from what is a quality alimentation and some nutrition bases.
But there aren’t only “sandwiches Viena” there are also two pizzeria restaurant in Sabadell with the traditional table service. 

ProductesIt menu offers quality products, and their clients go to Viena and they know how to eat. The sandwiches are prepared at the moment in the cuisine of the establishment. Talking about their products, they have created types of sandwiches or innovated other ones. For example in Christmas they sold “Christmas soup”, a new variety of the Coca and more.
Another newness is the Catering Service that they offer the same products but instead of eating at the establishment they eat it with their relatives in a festivity or with your colleagues in an enterprise meetings, and so on.

In Christmas they have also did a type of strategy which was a card that the employees gave to the clients. Every time that the client goes to a Viena restaurant he had to show the card and he worker mark it. If the card was marked six times, the client took part in a raffle. The client had to go to a Viena six times before the 6th January.

We think that Viena has quality meals and they want to innovate every time to attract more clients although they have a lot of customers those go for their products and also for their prices.
What do you think about Viena? Do you agree with their philosophy and with that they want to innovate their products? Have you been at pizzeria restaurant in Sabadell?
Explain us your experiences  in Viena.

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  1. The Vienna a good choice for a quick meal at the beginning for me was genuine, now more and more like a McDonalds restaurant. I like Frankfut del Vallès, which continues to have the spirit of its beginnings sandwich.
    Although I am still visiting some Vienna to eat a sandwich, when I want something quick and good.

  2. I have been to Viena but I didn't know many things that you explain in this information! It's very productive to know what you are goin to eat and where you are going to eat! I'm very very very interested with this post!

  3. As a regular costumer of Viena, I can say that both, pizzeria and sandwiches are offering a great quality in their products and service. Viena sandwiches has known how to adapt the American fast food to mediterranean taste. Although the price is a little bit higher than other establishments is my first and last choice.
    On the other hand, Viena pizzeria, is one of the oldest and famous pizzerias in Sabadell. It has always been very difficult to book a table, their pizzas are amongst the best in the city.

  4. Thank you for the comments! We also think that Viena is a good restaurant to go, and enjoy with friends and family. And of course the promotions that they make are very useful for all the clients!

  5. I use to go to Viena but I'd never realized many things you explain in your blog. It's very interesting and useful to know better the places where to eat well!

  6. For me, the quality that Viena offers to customers is very different than others fast-foods like McDonalds or Burguer King. But I'm talking about a quality in the customer service but also in the food quality.

    I think that Viena it's nowadays one of the best fast-food restaurants that you can enjoy!