lunes, 11 de marzo de 2013


In this post we are going to talk about the general SWOT strategy that could be useful in almost all the restaurants. 

* Unique recipes
* A good staff, specially the chef
* A good location
* Affordable prices
* Good quality
* Update decoration and accommodation of the local.
*A well structured menu
* Make discounts and offers
* Not enough money to start the business
* Being situated in an unknown area
* Being new in the market
* Not make enough promotion
* Do not obtain all the licenses to open de business
* Not qualified staff
* To have the opportunity of opening another restaurant or bar
* Organize weddings or any other event if the restaurant is big. This will help to increase the revenue and the restaurant will be more versatile.
* Create different atmospheres inside the local, like for example a Kids area, or a Music Pub at night.
* Prepare take awake menus if it is possible
* Use the holiday dates to create new menus, and promotions to offer to your customers.

* Competitors near your restaurant offering almost the same services. For example if your restaurant offers Pizzas, if there is another restaurant near you that also offers Pizza, t would be a direct competitor
* New Chains like McDonald's or others that have lower prices.
* Some works in the street. It would make that people refuse to passing through these street
* Have some problems with the staff, and they decided to do strike.
* If suppliers do not deliver the products on time, because of the traffic, strikes…
* Increase in the price of the raw materials

So, although this is a general Swot analysis for any kind of Restaurant, we think that is a good strategy to take into account if you are thinking about opening a new restaurant. And as you can see, it is very important to analyse all the different factors, because a bad decision could be very negative to the business. 

Do you think that making a SWOT analysis of your business is a good idea to be succesful in the market?

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  1. This SWOT it's an interesting analysis of the market, but I think that nowadays if you don't have a new idea that is not in the market it's complicated to compete there because there are a lot of restaurant chains strongs at the market.

    Good work girls!

  2. Excellent overview and FODA analisi scheme for market research before opening a catering business.
    It is worth rereading, and bear this in mind if someone wants to open a restaurant, but I advise you in these difficult times, to look for a good part of funding, if you want to open a restaurant, which is different, original, something that do not eat at home ...