domingo, 24 de marzo de 2013


There are Spanish Chefs that decided to go abroad to teach and to show the gastronomy that we have here in Spain. One of these Chefs ir José Andrés. 
José Andrés is a Spanish Chef that decided to leave Spain and start their new experiences in United States.
He was doing his learning period in El Bulli , and Ferrán Adrià was his teacher. 
Nowadays he is leaving in Washington, a place where with 21 years old went to finish his studies and work in some restaurants. 
When he was leaving here in Spain, he presented a TV program called " Vamos a cocinar con José Andrés". 
Now in United States he is the manager of different Restaurants, and have opened restaurants in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, 
What he does now in United Stated is promoting the Spanish gastronomy. He wrote different CookBooks explaining different receipes of Spain and the different regions. 
He has a program called " Made in Spain" where he shows in the TV different ways of cooking Spanish food, like for example Tapas, a very famous dish. He does the program in English and he also edited CookBooks with the same name explaining the receipes. 
In the programs, videos are quite short, he wants to show people the most important steps and above all the final result.
In some episodes of his program, he take advantage of the different regions of Spain and show the most important dishes, and not only cooking them, but also recording videos of the regions and showing the different places and the restaurants that you can visit there. 

We think that José Andrés is a Chef that is working very well, and with his work he is promoting Spain and people can know more about the gastronomy and the culture just seeing short videos. This is a different srategy to inform about other places or new oportunities, but is good because foreign people can be attracted and will decide to came here and spend some days enjoying the culture and also the food. 

So, what we want to do explaining you a little bit about this Chef, is that apart of he, there are many other people, that are also promoting Spain going abroad and writting books, or doing programs. 

Do you think that this is a good strategy to promote a country or a region?

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