martes, 5 de marzo de 2013


In this post we are going to talk about different strategies that some Restaurants are using to maintain the loyalty of their clients, and also to attract new ones. 
The vast majority of the strategies are focused on the final customer. Some of them are:

Loyatly cards: Restaurants that belong to Vips's Club (Ginos, Vips...)  offered you the possibility to have a free card that every time that you go to the Restautant and spend a specific quantity of money, instantly you earn some points in the card.  For example, if you spend 100 € in the Restaurant you will receive 3 Eurovips, that you can use them the next time that you go to one of the establishments of this group. 
Some advantages are that you can have a free dessert, or a free pasta dish...

 Social networks : as you know many companies are using this kind of technology as an strategy to promote their services or products. The most famous social network, as you know, is Facebook, but there are also Twitter, WhatsApp or their web pages.
Many Restaurants uses them to advertise different discounts or promotions or even their menu. 
This is a strategy used by restaurant chains and fast-food establishments...
WhatsApp is the less common, but some Restaurants have their telephone number outside the establishment, and give you the chance to make your book by WhatsApp, and sometimes with a little discount if you do it trought it.